Tuesday, 10 September 2013

A pun-ful cake conversation

When I was first thinking of starting a cake blog and potentially a side-business, I was discussing potential names with my close friends. To get the creative juices flowing, I offered a free batch of cupcakes to whoever came up with my favourite name. I love a good pun so when "For Goodness Cake!" was suggested, that was it - competition over. The winner got to choose what flavour cupcakes she received which led to a conversation between myself and the winner's housemate. As you can see, the baking puns escalated somewhat ...

She has said carrot but she has time to change her mind ... and as her batter half I'm sure you can have some influence.

Love the cake puns! I'm glad she rose to the cake challenge!

She did indeed rise to the occasion - I could even call her my muse ... well if the choux fits. Thanks for your offer of help, there's so much stuff on the business side that I knead to know about. I have some good ideas etc but you know what they say about the best made flans ... ok, ok, enough of the cake puns. I'm sorry, I'll stop. Doughnut forsake me! Ha, sorry - what can I say, I'm a gluten for punishment ...

Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Stop! You’re taking the biscuit! 

Ok, ok, I'll stop. It's the yeast I can do.

Scone-sidering the cir-cream-stances, I’ll let you off.

Oooh I do I d'eclair that was a good one. There really are hundreds and thousands of cake puns! This is getting a trifle out of hand now though with us egging each other on - we should probably stop the waffle. I'm having muffin more to do with this. 
I've tried raisin the standard, but the currant puns are getting pretty stale. I piped up too early with all my ideas and you've stollen some good ones - maybe we'll have to sponge off someone else now...

Did we miss any cake puns? Can you whisk up any new ones? If so, you butter write them in the comments below!

Monday, 9 September 2013

Brussels Childbirth Trust 'Small Talk' magazine feature

The other day a colleague of mine asked if I made cakes. Well yes, I do actually. Why do you ask? She had seen my name in a magazine. The Brussels Childbirth Trust (BCT) publish a magazine, 'Small Talk', every two months and the September/October edition has a feature on celebration cakes; in particular children's birthday cakes. 

A few months ago I made cakes for the 1st birthday of a friend's daughter. I did a lemon buttercream jungle themed cake (with Sophie the Giraffe) for the adults and then a sugar- and dairy-free banana cake for the babies. My friend was so pleased with the cakes that she had recommended me for the BCT cake feature.

Big thanks to Nic for the lovely recommendation!

BCT Small Talk Sept/Oct magazine cover

The 2-page spread with my recommendation, photo and photo credit
Recommendation (Thanks Nic!)

Sophie the Giraffe and friends
Sugar- and dairy-free banana cake with fresh berries

Friday, 6 September 2013

Christian Louboutin shoe

Until now, this has been the most challenging and time-consuming of my cakes. The shoebox was cake and the shoe was made from gum paste. Gum paste is a similar texture to fondant but it dries very hard so it is great for making figurines, flowers, cake toppers, and shoes.

The shoe took about 3 days (well, evenings after work at least) to make because each element - outer sole, stiletto heel, inner sole, the sides, etc - had to dry and harden before the next part could be stuck on. I was basing the design on the birthday girl's classic black Louboutin stiletto (which she was conveniently wearing on the night!) but I couldn't find a template for a fully closed shoe - only open toe or strappy. This made it more tricky and there was some definite trial and error involved in creating my own template.

I am a firm believer in detail so I of course included the infamous Louboutin red sole and the little 'Louboutin' sign along with pretend stitching on the inner sole.

Considering it was my first attempt, I was happy with how it turned out.

For the basic process of making a gumpaste shoe, have a look at this. The end result is incredible - way better than mine! I'll have to get practising ...

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Super Mario

This cake was made last year to celebrate the 30th birthday of a big kid who loves Super Mario. To date it is one of my favourite cakes that I've made. It was also a great excuse to play Super Mario again after all these years ... just to remember what the set up looked like of course (coins, boxes, green rolling hills and all).

Busy busy busy

I'm super busy at the moment and as a result I have been really bad at updating this blog ... but I am determined to keep it going so for now (until my life calms down a little - hopefully in the next week or so!) I will be posting a few photos of my favourites out of all the cakes I have made in the past couple of years.

Hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I've enjoyed making them and as much as my friends have enjoyed eating them!

First one coming now ... and it's a SUPER one ...