Monday, 7 April 2014

Piñata cake

Last summer I saw a piñata cake on A Subtle Revelry blog and loved the idea so much that I posted a link to it on Pippa's Cakes and Bakes facebook page. The idea of a sponge cake filled with sweet treats was just too tempting. Soon after I was asked to make a cake for a friend's 30th birthday and it seemed like as good a time as any to experiment. The link to her being pregnant (and the cake being filled) did not even cross my mind until someone mentioned it at the party!

The blogpost on A Subtle Revelry gives great step-by-step instructions with photos. Unfortunately I wasn't so organised myself so have a look there if you're interested! Instead I'll just explain briefly what I did with the help of my friend Susannah ...

Using sphere cake pans, I made 2 vanilla sponge cakes and then scooped out the centre of each to make plenty of space for the tasty filling. We made a wall (or barricade if you will) of buttercream icing to ensure the sweets were contained and that they wouldn't get in the way of the second cake being put on top. For the filling, you can put anything inside - whether edible goodies or even small toys - just use your imagination. We just went with a simple assortment of sweets and chocolates.

Once the filling is in and the second cake has been put on top as a "lid", you are ready to decorate the outside of the piñata. We used a vanilla buttercream and decorated with fondant numbers and stars.
The whole process was so much easier than I had first thought, and it was such a great surprise for the birthday girl - cutting into what looked like a simple cake, taking the first piece out and it's full of edible treats! What could be better?!

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